Live at the Freedom Fest State Fair

The closing of our live show recorded July of 2018

Lisa singing Son of A Preacher Man - 

A Tribute to Dusty Springfield

Frank killing a tribute to David Bowie! Let's Dance

A Tribute to John Bonham and Keith Moon

RnRH Demo Video

Here is our demo video for your listening and viewing pleasure!

Artist in Rock and Roll Heaven

Chuck Berry

John Bonham

David Bowie

James Brown

Karen Carpenter

Johnny Cash

Kurt Cobain

Joe Cocker

Jim Croce

Cass Elliot

Glenn Frey

Marvin Gaye

George Harrison

Jimi Hendrix

Buddy Holly

Whitney Houston

Michael Jackson

Janis Joplin


John Lennon

Bob Marley

Freddie Mercury

George Michael

Keith Moon

Jim Morrison

Elvis Presley


Otis Redding

Lou Reed

Righteous Brothers

Leon Russell

Phoebe Snow

Dusty Springfield

Amy Winehouse

Ronnie Van Zant

Stevie Ray Vaughn